A man experiences a Noitom virtual reality product in Beijing, April 28, 2018. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn] Noitom Ltd, a Chinese company focused on motion capture technology, unveiled its mixed reality products on Saturday to make what's unreal seem real and what's real seem unreal. The latest product, Trance, is a mixed reality production system that integrates motion capture and a virtual camera. The high-tech system enables an all-in-one real-time production, including early pre-production and content creation, which will greatly improve efficiency while producing works in varied fields including television. Virtual reality has infinite possibilities in a variety of areas. We expect to bring a more creative immersive experience to help VR walk into everyone's life, said Dai Ruoli, co-founder and CTO of Noitom. Noitom, founded in 2012, has provided advanced technologies and solutions to an array of films both at home and abroad, including Game of Thrones, Wolverine, Crazy Nian and Sword Master. We endeavor to not only deliver our technologies to the film, gaming and animation but also extend them to vertical areas including education, medicine and science in the future, Liu Haoyang, the company's co-founder and CEO, said. custom bar bracelet
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